Working with different industrial trade associations, dealing with their specific needs, has trained me to well understand strength, weakness and threats of most of their business models, and propose new strategies to take advantage of opportunities that the national and international panorama offers.
In particular, as former executive committee assistant, and then as general director, I have improved my ability to deal with the political ambiguities of complex organizations, both in private and public contexts, and I have developed an effective expertise in managing conflicts, leading negotiations and making arrangements with the counterparts.
In 2013, I scored one of the main professional achievements leading the merging of two industrial trade organization – and of their controlled commercial branches – of the construction sector.
The merging implying political, organizational and financial aspects, has involved me both in the general coordination and in the active implementation of strategic content elaboration, political consensus building within the membership, personnel riallocation planning, financial outlooks planning, governance revision and statute rewriting, new identity brand promotion.
Since October 2016, still working as advisor to the Presidency and head of economic studies center of UNICMI, I backed to the family business as general manager of an engineering consultancy company, operating in a wide range of services, from market analysis to those focused on mechanical design, steelworks processes management and control, and technical training.
Furthermore, from 2017, as part of professional advice, I hold the role of general director of I.S.I., Italian Seismic Engineering association; among the tasks assigned, I am in charge, in particular, of in depth monitoring and studying of the legal framework regulating fiscal policies and tax deduction scheme adopted by italian government to stimulate seismic risk mitigation measures.