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Andrea Giordano

Master degree in Architecture, PhD in “Survey and Representation of Architecture and Environment” (VI
cycle, Napoli). Full Professor (ICAR 17-Drawing) at the University of Padova, where he is Coordinator of
the Master Degree Program in Building Engineering and Architecture (unique cycle). Coordinator and
member of the Scientific Committee for Civil Engineering and Architecture at UniPD, he is also responsible
of the Laboratory of Drawing and Representation (LDR) and the Laboratory of Information Modeling (LIM)
at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (DICEA at UniPD). He is
responsible for the survey, representation, and digital rendition of the Engineering campus. He published
several essays on the theory and history of methods of representation, dealing, most recently, with the use of
ICT for research in the field of interoperable and semantic representation.
His researches deal with:
• Geometric-configurative interpretation of architectural surfaces: the construction of Padua domes;
• Representational codes for the verification of landscape design;
• New “tools” for the Architectural and Urban Historic Transformations Visualization, Multimedia
Representation, and Communication;
• Building Information Modeling (BIM), Scan to BIM & HBIM;
• Interoperable Systems for the Cultural Heritage Management and Communication;
• Virtual Museum and Virtual in Museums.